Flips Bracelet -
Designed to Reach Goals and Improve Habits.

It is unique and natural, handmade and personalized, beautiful to wear and with a hidden agenda to better ourselves.

How does it work?

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How does it work?

The bracelet is composed of handburned beads with symbols that represent your goals. You choose your symbols and we build your bracelet based on your choices. We have more than 40 symbols to choose from or we will custom design it just for you. After you receive your Flips Bracelet, each time you accomplish your task you flip your bead. The other side has the check mark, giving you instant gratification. With Flips Bracelet, you can achieve more than one goal at a time, creating more than one healthy habit a day and ultimately improving yourself faster.

  • It is a reminder you can always see. Most people fail because they easily have too many distractions in their day and easily get sidetracked. Wearing the Flips Bracelet will remind you constantly what you have committed to .
  • It is backed by science. Numerous studies exist proving that to create a habit or achieve a goal you need to follow numerous steps to achieve results. A trigger is one of the suggestions to help you succeed. The trigger is the thing that reminds you to do the habit you are trying to establish. Flips Bracelet works as the trigger !
  • Accountability. It is also proven that accountability is a huge factor in achieving your goal. With Flips Bracelet visually appealing design, you will always have a conversation piece everywhere you go. Which in effect will constantly hold you accountable to what you intend to do. By sharing your bracelet with others, you will verbally continuously hold yourself more and more accountable to your goals. Also, self improvement will spread to others , creating a tribe of people that strive to improve.
  • Built in Motivation. The simple act of flipping your bead after you reach your goal or finished your task will give you instant satisfaction creating positive reinforcement which will strengthen the habit over time.
  • It’s 100% tech-free. The world is glued to their phones enough as it is. Flips bracelet will help you achieve your goals without distracting you from them like an app might do. It will not steal your time from you, or distract you from the joys of life. Instead it will enhance your life. It will remind you to be better and healthier while you are actually living your life outside your phone.

Artistically Designed to Improve Habits and Reach Goals

A handmade bracelet that helps you to form better daily habits and achieve more than one goal.

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